is one of the most popular services in the present web community.

Protecting a website remotely

is one of the most popular services in the present web community. On the Internet there are millions of websites and thousands of them suffer daily from distributed denial-of-service attacks or DDoS attacks since such an attack costs not much and it can be made by any student using the software downloaded from the Internet. You can be the owner of a small business or a large multinational corporation, and in conditions of strong competition you will definitely have a lot of competitors who would want to cause harm to your business. One of the methods is to order DDoS attacks targeting your web resource. As a result of the attack you will lose your time, money, and certainly the nerves, because while your website is unavailable your potential customers may go to your competitors. The solution of this problem is ordering a high-quality website protection against such attacks.
Our company offers protection against DDoS attacks with a capacity of up to 50 Gbit/s. To do this, you will not have to transfer the website to a secure server, but simply change the IP of your website to our secure IP. In this case we redirect malicious traffic to our system that filters out the unnecessary and sends already filtered out “white” traffic of your real visitors to your server. Why change IP, if you can change the DNS record? – because the intruder often attacks not a domain, but a particular IP. Therefore, in case of attack, the website address has to be changed without fail, and it is advisable to take a new address from another subnet.
The traffic is redirected as quickly as possible within 10-15 minutes. Our support team works 24/7 and our experts will help you with the settings at any time. If you are our client and you have ordered any of our services, you can order protection of your dedicated or virtual server, as well as hosting, as an additional service.

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  • Protected domains: 1
  • Protected subdomains:
  • UDP/ICMP filtering: 5 Gb/s
  • Synflood filtering: 750 Kpps
  • HTTP filtering: 5K req/s
  • Clean traffic: 100MBps
  • 24х7 support: Email

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  • Protected domains: 4
  • Protected subdomains:
  • UDP/ICMP filtering: 15 Gb/s
  • Synflood filtering: 2M Kpps
  • HTTP filtering: 20K req/s
  • Clean traffic: 250MBps
  • 24х7 support: Email/Skype

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  • Protected domains:
  • Protected subdomains:
  • UDP/ICMP filtering: 50 Gb/s
  • Synflood filtering: 10M Kpps
  • HTTP filtering: 100K req/s
  • Clean traffic: 500MBps
  • 24х7 support: Phone/Email/Skype

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