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10 Steps to Optimize WordPress VPS to Speed Up Your Website

WordPress is rightfully considered the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world at the moment and this is due to many factors, from an intuitive interface and ease of use to open source code, which has given a powerful impetus to the formation of a large community that provides a huge selection of additional applications and those. But WordPress has one problem - over time it begins to slow down and in this article we will analyze in detail the reasons for this and consider ten specific steps that will optimize your WordPress VPS server for maximum performance and speed of your site.

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All You Need to Know About Dedicated Hosting

Choosing the type of web hosting is a key task for anyone who is going to create their own website or application. After all, the correct choice of the type of web hosting and the choice of provider is the basis, the foundation for the future stable operation of your website. This is also important from the point of view of savings, since if you choose the right server that meets your stated requirements and do not pay for unnecessary resources that no one needs at the moment, you can save a lot and spend the saved money on other needs. In this article we will look at what dedicated server hosting is, how to choose a provider and for what needs this type of hosting is most suitable.

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10 most frequently used examples for IPTABLES

The first thing every system administrator or website owner should think about is security. And the most popular tool to this day that helps protect against most cyber threats is the unforgettable iptables, a powerful firewall that can be very flexibly configured to suit any needs and to perform any tasks. It is this tool that we will talk about in this article, and specifically, we will look at the ten most commonly used examples for ensuring the security of your Linux server.

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How to make your website more secure for less money?

In this article, we'll look at the main types of cyber threats facing websites around the world and discuss steps you can take to improve your site's security for less money. After all, in fact, it only seems that ensuring security against cyber threats is an expensive undertaking, which is fundamentally wrong, since even for little money, and sometimes for free, you can build a completely secure perimeter around the site and set up a scheme for working with your site, which will reduce the level of cyber threats to a minimum.

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Cron - Schedule tasks on Linux servers correctly

One of the most frequently used tools in the hands of a Linux administrator is Cron. This is a utility that allows you to execute commands or run scripts according to a predetermined schedule. And there are a huge variety of tasks for which Cron is used. In this article, we will take a closer look at Cron, discuss the best practices for using it and the most common mistakes, and also look at a number of illustrative examples.

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Simple Monitoring of Your Linux VPS

As virtual private servers (VPS) continue to grow in popularity, so does the importance of effectively monitoring these systems. Linux VPS in particular provides a flexible and powerful platform for hosting a variety of applications, websites and services. However, ensuring the stability, performance, and security of these applications requires vigilant monitoring. In this article, we will look at various tools, methods and best practices for simple yet effective monitoring of your Linux VPS.

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Is Midjourney coming to an end? Google Bard now generates images.

The world around us is full of colors and images, but sometimes it can be difficult to capture them on paper or canvas. What if you could simply describe the image you want in words, and artificial intelligence would bring it to life? In the last year or two, this desire has become a reality with the help of such a popular tool as Midjourney - a neural network model of artificial intelligence (AI), designed specifically for generating images based on text descriptions. The success was lightning fast and then the world literally exploded with new neural networks that tried to compete with Midjourney, but not everyone did well. And Midjourney itself has a number of shortcomings, which, to the credit of the developers, are gradually being resolved, and the neural network itself continues to learn and produces increasingly high-quality content (here the author hints at the sensational problem with the number of fingers people have in generated pictures).

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Installing and Configuring an FTP Server in Ubuntu

One of the most convenient and intuitive ways to work with files and transfer them between servers or between your local computer and a remote server is an FTP server. In this quick guide, we will show you simple steps to easily install and configure an FTP server.

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Transferring files using SSH in Linux

When constantly working with Linux servers, there is often a need to transfer files or folders from one server to another, and the easiest way to do this is to transfer using SSH. Any self-respecting system administrator should have this simple method of transferring files in order to transfer the necessary files from server to server very quickly and without additional settings, if necessary. But despite its simplicity, this tool is very powerful, allowing you to use various parameters when transferring.

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VPS performance problems or Why is my server slow?

According to research from the website WebsiteSetup and statistics from such a mastodon as HostAdvice, about 10% of all hosting services are occupied by VPS. And in the coming years, these statistics will only grow, and at a tremendous pace, about 15% per year. This means only one thing - VPS rental is becoming more and more popular and this is due to the significantly greater capabilities of VPS compared to shared hosting. But despite the fact that VPS, based on its technology, is much more productive, many administrators are faced with the fact that their server does not show outstanding performance, which makes them disappointed in VPS and return back to shared hosting, or switch to a dedicated server, if they have money and their site is growing by leaps and bounds :) In this short review article, we will look at the main problems that lead to a drop in the performance of VPS servers and briefly familiarize ourselves with methods for monitoring and correcting such problems.

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