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3v-Hosting - is a Ukrainian hosting provider with data centers in Kyiv, Amsterdam and Washington, specializing in providing Virtual Servers (VPS/VDS) and Dedicated Servers for rent and sale of domain names in various DNS zones. The company was founded in 2016 and since then has been actively developing, constantly improving the quality of services and the level of service for our customers.

What distinguishes us among our competitors is the high quality of service and our business attitude: we treat our customers, first of all, as humans and only then as someone ordering a service from us. The openness and individual approach to every customer is the cornerstone of our success.

Initially, the company specialized mainly in leasing Virtual Servers, so over the years we have gained great expertise in the field of virtualization and containerization.

All of our VPSs are based on KVM because we value our customers and would not want their data and computing resources to be dependent on host neighbors.

Exactly for the same reason we do not engage in overselling, like our other colleagues. We sell to the client not just virtual resources, but the Guarantee that these resources will be available regardless of any circumstances.

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