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Bitcoin VPS
1 vCPU

IntelCore 4.0 GHz

100 Mbps Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ukraine, Netherlands
24/7 Support

$6.3 /mo
SAVE 10%$7/mo



Bitcoin VPS
2 vCPU

IntelCore 4.0 GHz

100 Mbps Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ukraine, Netherlands
24/7 Support

$14.4 /mo
SAVE 10%$16/mo



Bitcoin VPS
3 vCPU

IntelCore 4.0 GHz

100 Mbps Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ukraine, Netherlands
24/7 Support

$18.0 /mo
SAVE 10%$20/mo



Bitcoin VPS
4 vCPU

IntelCore 4.0 GHz

100 Mbps Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ukraine, Netherlands
24/7 Support

$28.8 /mo
SAVE 10%$32/mo



Bitcoin VPS
6 vCPU

IntelCore 4.0 GHz

100 Mbps Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ukraine, Netherlands
24/7 Support

$36.0 /mo
SAVE 10%$40/mo



Bitcoin VPS
8 vCPU

IntelCore 4.0 GHz

100 Mbps Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ukraine, Netherlands
24/7 Support

$44.1 /mo
SAVE 10%$49/mo



Bitcoin VPS
10 vCPU

IntelCore 4.0 GHz

10 GB DDR4
100 GB SSD
100 Mbps Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ukraine, Netherlands
24/7 Support

$53.1 /mo
SAVE 10%$59/mo

Features that come with any Bitcoin VPS

Pay only for VPS and get nice extras for free:

Fast SSD Storage

Multiple OS Choices

Vertical Scaling

No Contract

Multiple Locations

Unlimited Websites

Custom VPS server

High Availability

Expert Support

Ticketing System

Secure Payment Method

Full Root SSH Access

Unlimited Bandwidth

Free Backups

Free Domain Transfer

Free 7-Days Money-Back

24/7 Monitoring

Free Migration

Automated Backups

99.97% Uptime

Advantages of paying for VPS with Bitcoin

Benefits of buying VPS with Crypto

Buying VPS hosting with Bitcoins provides great benefits compared to other payment methods. That is why in recent years there has been an avalanche-like growth in the number of services accepting Crypto as payment on the Internet. And this means that an increasing number of users understand their benefits with this method of calculation, because they are obvious.

Below are just the most basic advantages of buying or renting VPS for Bitcoins, which are actually much more. Try to buy a VPS hosting for BTC and you will understand how easy and safe it is.

Bitcoin VPS
Lower Transaction Fees

Lower Transaction Fees

Buying a VPS using cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin, is much cheaper compared to other traditional methods of payment for services and goods on the Internet, such as Visa, WebMoney or Paypal. This is achieved due to the absence of intermediaries, as cryptocurrencies are transferred directly from the payer's wallet to the recipient's wallet. This becomes especially convenient and important when making international payments.

Complete anonymity and confidentiality

Complete anonymity and confidentiality

As mentioned in the previous point, Bitcoin transactions are made directly from one wallet to another, which makes it impossible to intercept them and de-anonymize payment participants, especially since wallets can be disposable and not tied to any real person. So if you are driven by the usual concern for personal security and protection of personal data, then buying a VPS for Bitcoin is the best payment method for you.

Ease of use

Ease of use

The ever-growing popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the constant improvement of cryptocurrency services have made them so convenient and easy that anyone can create a wallet and manage it in just a couple of clicks, from any computer or smartphone connected to the network, making purchases online and paying for any services, such as the purchase of Bitcoin VPS.

Stability & Security

Stability & Security

Technically, the infrastructure of any cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, is completely decentralized. This means that no one can impose their rules and dictate their terms, as well as put false data into the blockchain, as everyone can see the chain of transactions. As a result, the stability of the entire system is achieved, which prevents sharp inflation and strongly builds trust in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin VPS

About Bitcoin VPS

Discover high-quality virtual server rental services from 3v-Hosting located in leading data centers in Ukraine and the Netherlands. Our servers provide exceptional speed, security and reliability. However, we do not rest on our laurels and do our best to ensure and enhance your comfort and privacy.

With a wide range of payment options, including our Bitcoin VPS hosting solution, you can purchase VPS by paying with cryptocurrencies. Enjoy fast and smooth transactions while maintaining complete anonymity. At 3v-Hosting, we spare no effort in keeping your payment information secure.

DDoS Protect

Protection against DDoS attacks up to 5Gbps - by default

Fast Network

Internet connection – up to 100 Mbps

Support 24/7

Support service that is available 24/7 and for any questions

Servers Location

VPS location in Ukraine or the Netherlands

IPMI Console

Full Root Access to your Bitcoin VPS by SSH

Server Configuration

Control panel to choose from - cPanel or ISPmanager

Why choose Bitcoin VPS from 3v-Hosting?

Advantages of purchasing VPS servers from 3v-Hosting

No Credit Card Needed

If you do not want to use your credit card to pay for VPS or you simply don’t have one, then our Bitcoin VPS solution is suitable for you. You can pay for hosting services using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies of your choice.

Automated Daily Backups

We know what it is like to lose your data. That's why despite the fact that every client has to backup their own data - we also make a snapshot of each VPS every day.

High Stability VPS

3v-Hosting provides the highest stability of your VPS, which, according to our Service Agreement, is equal to 99.97% and confirmed by tests conducted by independent experts.

Dedicated IP Address

Each Bitcoin VPS comes with a dedicated white IP address so that our clients can safely place their websites on the server and not be afraid of dropping their site from DDoS attack on the neighboring IP address.

Custom VPS

The site presents only standard ready-made VPS server builds, but if necessary, you can select and order a server configuration that meets all your needs in power and speed.

Any OS of Your Choice

Do you only work with Widdows? Or maybe you are an advanced Linux or FreeBSD user? Either way, you can order a Bitcoin VPS with any pre-installed operating system of your choice, even from your .ISO disk.

High Availability

Hosting your Bitcoin VPS in data centers with the best internet connectivity, in the Netherlands and Ukraine, guarantees minimal latency and high availability of your VPS from anywhere in the world.

KVM Virtualization

We don't want your Bitcoin VPS to be dependent on neighboring virtual servers in any way, so we use only KVM type of virtualization in our work, which allows us to achieve the highest level of VM isolation.

Server Delivery Time

In most cases, you will receive your Bitcoin VPS immediately after placing an order and paying for it. But it happens that the delivery time increases within 15 minutes, if the server requires installation of third-party software, such as a control panel.

Crypto Payment Methods

Popular cryptocurrencies for paying for VPS

Bitcoin Logo
Bitcoin Cash Logo
Bitcoin Cash
Tron Logo
Monero Logo
Tether TRC-20 Logo
Tether TRC-20
Dogecoin Logo
Litecoin Logo
Ethereum Logo
BNB Chain Logo
BNB Chain
Dash Logo
Zcash Logo
Ethereum Classic Logo
Ethereum Classic
USD Coin ERC-20 Logo
USD Coin ERC-20
Binance USD BEP-20 Logo
Binance USD BEP-20
Tether BEP-20 Logo
Tether BEP-20
Tether ERC-20 Logo
Tether ERC-20

Operation Systems

The most popular operating systems installed on Bitcoin VPS


What Our Clients Say About Us

Dmitry Horovets


Чудова хостингова компанія

Орендую сервер вже 8 місяців і повністю задоволений сервісом. Ціни, підтримка - на висоті. Згоден з іншими коментарями, що при відключеннях світла все працювало чудово. Дякую


Iyan Fraser


Best Support Ever

The company is still little known, but it has a better support than the mastodons of this business. Was pleasantly surprised.




good support

Fast, kind and persistent support




Better Support

Good hosting for my online store. Support is excellent, advised on all issues. I did not know how to set up the server and this is the first company where they told me what and why




Very high level of service

One of the few companies with the highest level of customer service. They always answer very quickly, always polite, but without fawning - just a good human attitude, it is clear that ordinary people are working, and not some bots. When I placed an order for a server, I needed help setting it up, but I didn’t have enough money for a managed server. So they simply helped, free of charge and after discussing the details, they provided me with a server. Thank you very much guys! Great job!



If the performance of VPS servers is not enough for your tasks or you need maximum isolation and independence, check out our offer for Dedicated Servers


Frequently Asked Questions about VPS

What are the advantages of paying with Bitcoin?

Paying for hosting with Bitcoins has a number of advantages: speed, cheapness, anonymity, accessibility from anywhere in the world, security and potential benefit from exchange rate growth. However, it is worth considering the volatility of the cryptocurrency exchange rate.

Do you accept other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin?

Yes, sure. We accept payment through many of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin and many others. You can find a complete list of all possible payment methods on this page.

What should I do if I want to pay for server rental in a different way than with Crypto?

In this case, you can pay for the server rental in any other way, from payment with VISA/MasterCard cards to payment using PayPal or bank transfer.

How can I access my Bitcoin VPS server?

After you have purchased and paid for any of the VPS, you will receive a letter with login information for your server. This letter will contain all the information for logging into the Control Panel, if it was included in the order, as well as information for direct login to the server via SSH with full Root access.

Is it safe to pay for services using Bitcoins?

Paying for services using Bitcoin can be safe if you follow basic security rules: choose reliable platforms and services, use reliable wallets to store bitcoins, verify addresses before making transactions.

How soon will I receive my server when paying with Bitcoin?

As soon as all the necessary transaction confirmations are received and the funds are credited to our wallet, you will immediately receive a separate letter with the login information for your server. Typically, receiving confirmations takes no more than 3-7 minutes, but there are cases when confirmation has to wait up to 30 minutes. This may occur due to a rush in the market caused by some event, as a result of which many people sell and buy Crypto, filling the queue of applications, which leads to a long process of waiting for confirmation of your transaction.

Transaction confirmations take a long time to arrive. What to do?

All you have to do is wait and not worry. If over time the transaction has not been confirmed and its validity period has expired (2 hours), then you will just need to try to pay for the service again. This happens extremely rarely and in our memory it only happened once or twice. The main thing in this case is not to worry about any bill, you will not pay twice, and if you do pay, we will see it and return the extra money. Our support service will help you with any questions and will never leave you alone with your problems, since the client’s problems are OUR problems.

What operating systems does 3v-Hosting support?

The most popular OS that our customers order is CentOS, as one of the most stable Linux distributions. But of course, we are not limited only to CentOS, but we will install any of the modern Unix-like OS, such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CloudLinux, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux and many others. The only thing we have temporarily stopped working with is Windows. If you only need Windows - please contact us and we will resolve this issue.

The VPS server is not powerful enough for my needs. What to do?

In this case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our offers for Dedicated Servers Hosting, which differ from VPS in much greater performance and can be used for high-load sites, projects or applications. And if you need to receive and send large volumes of traffic, then check out our offer for Dedicated Servers with 10 Gbps network cards and unlimited traffic.

So, Do You Need VPS Server?

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If you do not find the information you need on the site or have any other question, write to us!