Affiliate Program from 3v-Hosting - Become our Partner and Earn Cash

The Affiliate Program is an opportunity to earn money without much effort by simply placing a link or banner to 3v-Hosting on your website

If you are the owner of a popular website, blog or other resource on Technical or IT topics that has a large number of visits, you have an excellent opportunity to monetize your resource by participating in our affiliate program.

What is an affiliate program?

The affiliate program is a revenue distribution program in which any person who becomes our partner receives money for each client brought to us, and the more clients the Partner brings, the more money he receives.

How it works?
When registering, becoming our partner, you receive a unique link that leads to the 3v-Hosting website. If a person who follows this link registers and makes an order, then you will receive part of the money that he paid for the product or service, because we will understand that he came from you, using your unique link.

And when your partner account has the required amount, you can easily withdraw this money to your card, PayPal or crypto wallet.

affiliate program

Partnership details

More information about the affiliate program

Amounts of commission
Amounts of commission

Dedicated servers - 5% of the client’s first payment, thus, if the client immediately paid for the server for a quarter or a year in advance, then the amount of the commission for you will be calculated from this initial payment. Those. If the client you referred ordered a dedicated server costing $100 per month and paid only for the first month of use, then you receive a commission of $5. But if the client paid $1080 (annual payment taking into account the 10% discount), then you will already receive $54 in commission.

Thus, the more clients you bring and the more regular they are, the more you can earn.

VPS - 20% of the client’s first payment and the payment logic is absolutely similar to the payment for Dedicated Servers. Those. The larger the initial payment of the client you refer, the more you earn.

Terms of commission accrual
Terms of commission accrual

In order to avoid fraudulent activities with cheating of fly-by-night clients, we have determined the number of days before the affiliate commission is accrued, during which the account of the referred client must remain active - 35 calendar days. This way we see for sure that the referred client did not leave us in the first month and only then do we charge you the required commission.

Payment of commissions
Payment of commissions

The minimum amount for commission withdrawal is $50.

Withdrawal of the commission can be done by any of the available methods, such as PayPal, by card number (within the borders of Ukraine), or to a wallet in any popular cryptocurrency.

How To Start

Three simple steps to start earning money

Become a Partner
Step 1: Become a Partner

Register and receive a unique affiliate link, through which we can identify the clients referred by you.

Share a unique link
Step 2: Share a unique link

Place the received link on your website, blog or social networks.

Take my money
Step 3: Take my money

Get money for each referred client who orders and pays for any server.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is an event aimed at attracting new clients for 3v-Hosting through partners who receive a certain monetary reward for this.

Who can become a partner?

Anyone can become a partner, but to make money successfully, it is advisable that the partner have his own website, blog or popular pages on social networks where he can post an affiliate link. Moreover, it is desirable that this site or blog be relevant to the topic of hosting or web development, otherwise it is unlikely that anyone will follow the link from the culinary blog and buy a server.

How do you track sales?

When you join the affiliate program, our system generates a unique link to our website, which you must place on your resources to attract new clients. When someone follows this unique link and makes a purchase, we see whose unique link the client came from and award this partner a commission for attracting a new client.

How will I get paid?

When your partner account has an amount of $50 or more, you can order a payment of funds in any way convenient for you, to a card (if you are in Ukraine), to PayPal or to any crypto wallet.

Can I ever get a discount coupon for my clients?

Yes, of course, you can contact us and ask for a personal discount coupon for your visitors, which will attract even more new customers and accordingly increase your earnings.

So, have you decided to become our partner?

Still have any questions?

If you do not find the information you need on the site or have any other question, write to us!