Host your websites on reliable hosting with 3GB RAM VPS

- Low Price
- Scaling at any time
- Server location in the Netherlands or Ukraine



3 vCPU

IntelCore 4.0 GHz

100 Mbps Network
Unlimited Bandwidth
Ukraine, Netherlands
24/7 Support

$18.0 /mo
Normal $ 20 /mo

Why choose a VPS with 3GB RAM?

Reasons to buy a VPS server

A VPS (virtual private server) is perhaps the best option for hosting your website or project on the Internet, as this type of hosting combines the flexibility and low cost of shared hosting with the high performance that Dedicated Servers are famous for. The most important thing is the flexibility of this type of hosting and the fact that you can scale your server to the resources you need at any time. This means that at any given moment you will pay exactly for as many resources as you need and no more, but if your project begins to grow rapidly, you can easily and simply add capacity to your server.

Easy backup

Easy backup

To ensure that all your data is completely secure, we automatically take a snapshot of your VPS every day. This will protect you from unpleasant consequences in case of unintentional deletion of important files or data. You can contact 3v-Hosting support at any time and our specialists will restore your VPS from a backup as of the previous day.



It is known that when using the right virtualization system, VPS performance can be no worse than that of dedicated servers of comparable capacity. In 3v-Hosting, this is ensured by choosing KVM virtualization, placing VPS on a physical server with the latest powerful Intel processors and using only SSD storage, which also increases the speed of virtual servers.

Unlimited Traffic

Unlimited Traffic

We at 3v-Hosting officially declare that traffic on all our Virtual Servers is unlimited and this does not depend on the configuration of a particular server! High availability of servers and high speed of data reception and transmission with the server is ensured by the complete absence of overselling on our part. It doesn’t happen to us that hundreds of virtual machines are running on one physical server, forced to compete for the resources of the host server. This is not our way. The main thing for us is the high quality of services provided to our clients, so that they are satisfied with our work and return to us again and again.


Additional information about VPS

Regardless of the server configuration you choose, you also receive a nice bonus in the form of basic protection against DDoS attacks. We also guarantee uninterrupted server operation according to the SLA at the level of 99.97% and provide the best customer support among competitors.

You will never regret if you buy a Virtual Server from 3v-Hosting, as evidenced by the large number of positive reviews about us on the most popular sites.

DDoS Protect

Protection against DDoS attacks up to 5Gbps - by default

Fast Network

Internet connection – up to 100 Mbps

Support 24/7

Support service that is available 24/7 and for any questions

Servers Location

VPS location in Ukraine or the Netherlands

IPMI Console

Full Root Access to your VPS by SSH

Server Configuration

Control panel to choose from - cPanel or ISPmanager


Frequently Asked Questions about VPS

What is VPS hosting and what are its benefits?

VPS, short for Virtual Private Server, is a type of hosting when one physical server is programmatically divided into several parts isolated from each other, called virtual machines. Thanks to the use of virtualization-type KVM, you can install your own, any OS on each such virtual server. Moreover, such servers are strictly isolated from each other, which guarantees the use of the resources allocated to you in full, without competing for the shared resources of the physical server. This type of hosting is a cross between a fully dedicated physical server and shared hosting, combining high performance with a low purchase price. You can read more about the VPS here.

What Is VPS Hosting Used for?

VPS hosting is used to host websites, applications and databases. It provides improved control, scalability and performance compared to shared hosting. VPS is ideal for businesses and projects that require more resources and more control, making it ideal for growing websites, e-commerce stores, complex applications and development environments.

What is the difference between a VPS and a VDS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) and VDS (Virtual Private Server) are similar but have a slight difference. In VPS, one physical server is divided into several virtual environments at the software level, OS level (OpenVZ type of virtualization), which makes such virtual machines lighter and less resource intensive. While VDS assigns dedicated resources to each virtual instance at the kernel level (KVM type of virtualization), that is, at the hardware level, which provides more stable performance and instance isolation. VDS is akin to your own mini-server, and VPS distributes resources more flexibly. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this difference, therefore, in wide circles, it is customary to call all types of hosting on virtual machines VPS. But keep in mind that 3v-Hosting uses virtualization KVM, which means it would be more correct, of course, to call our VDS servers.

Do you accept Bitcoin?

Certainly! And not only Bitcoins, but also a large number of other popular and not so popular cryptocurrencies, such as Monero, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether and others. And also we accept payment by credit cards, WebMoney, Paypal and bank transfers.

Can I upgrade my VPS plan later on?

Yes, you can change your VPS tariff plan at any time and make it much easier than upgrading a Dedicated Server. In just a few minutes, after a single quick reboot of your VPS, you will get additional virtual memory, storage or even additional CPU.

Where are your servers located?

Our host servers are located in the most secure data centers in Ukraine (Kyiv) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). In Ukraine, this is the "Bunker" data center, which was built in an old anti-nuclear bunker from the Cold War, and in the Netherlands - in the best data center of our partners AMC-01. Both data centers are Tier 3+ certified and hold key industry certifications such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008, SOC 1 Type II (ISAE3402), ISO 14001:2004.

So, Do You Need VPS Server?

Still have any questions?

If you do not find the information you need on the site or have any other question, write to us!